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Our History

The Pekin Fire company was organized in October of 1932 by one William Strassburg, along with several men of the community of Pekin. The Charter for the Western New York Volunteer Firemen's Association was dated April 13, 1933. 32 charter members began what has turned out to be over 80 great years of history for our company. The first president was Mr. Strassburg and the first fire chief was Fred Wethey.

The fire company grounds were always on Upper Mountain Road where our beautiful building is today. At that time, it was owned by Mr. Strassburg. The first chemical truck was purchased and housed there in a barn. The first field day was also held there on September 2nd, 1933. Tickets were a few cents.

From that time in the early 30's to the present, the fire company has made strides to serve the community well and do it efficiently and safely. The company has worked very hard to maintain its significance in the community. The fire station or "hall" has gone through many changes as well. From the old house that stood until 1985, a two bay hall, a 4 bay and then 6 bay in 1973.  An extension project was recently finished and is a beautiful addition to our company. Not only has the hall gone through changes but the people that occupied its walls and worked thankless hours, have come and gone over 80 years.

The Pekin Fire Co. Ladies auxiliary, that was formed in 1954 is still supporting the fire company in everything we do and we greatly appreciate all their hard work. The company salutes and thanks all of the men and woman who are a part or were a part of this organization, and worked hard to make it what it is today.  Your efforts have not been in vain.

Over the years apparatus has changed, too. From our first chemical truck in the mid '30's, to our most current engine, our Sutphen 1000 gallon engine with a 360 degree pump panel and state of the art F500 foam/suppression system. The company was a trailblazer of sorts in its apparatus. In 1936, we were one of the first in the county to have a tank truck for water.

Our 1944 Dodge/Cayasler is still going strong and was one of the first post war civil defense fire engines to roll off the line.

Our 1969 Young/Ford C1000 snorkel squirt was very busy for many years not only serving our company, but also doing mutual aid jobs as an elevated master stream for large fires in the late '60's, '70's, '80's and even '90's.  The squirt served us well and is missed. Our latest acquisition of a Sutphen 75' aerial platform  in the Fall of 2008 will surely be used well and serve the community proudly.

The Pekin Fire Company has had its share of triumphs and set backs, but it has, on the whole, always rallied around our community and they have always responded to us, as we do for them.

We are proud to serve!


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